Seattle Law is an established Seattle area real estate and business law firm built to help you regain your security and peace of mind. Whether your legal matters are simple or complex, we make it easy to work with us.

Practice Areas

Real Estate

A core competency of the firm is residential and commercial real estate transactions. This includes everything from residential sales and leases to transactions in the tens of millions of dollars. The firm also represents parties in disputes such as adverse possessions, partition actions, property line controversies, misrepresentations, homeowner associations, easements, trespasses, leasing and rental agreements, encroachments and property line issues, and neighbor disputes.

Business Formation

We have been forming legal entities since 1992, and in 1994 formed one of the first limited liability companies (LLC) in Washington. We are intimately familiar with issues arising during the formation process and later when things can go awry. 

Business Counsel

Representative current and past clients include the founder of Horizon Airlines and Thousand Trails, the aerospace software company Orbital Aviation, LLC, Royal Greenland US Inc. (the U.S. Subsidiary of seafood giant, Royal Greenland A/C), Wireless Application, Inc., Lambert Marble & Tile, Inc., The Ballroom, Nectar, High Dive, The Matador, Peso’s, Talarico’s, Girin, Matsu, Momiji, and several individuals whose net worth’s range from one million dollars to well north of 100 million dollars.


We have advised hundreds of clients and non-clients in numerous areas of law over our 30-year career. However, after an initial consultation, if your matter is not an area of our expertise, we will gladly refer you to the right person or firm so that you will be provided with the best legal assistance available.

Estate, Wills, and Probate

We can prepare estate planning documents for you at a flat fee. We probate estates, and litigate estate disputes.

Dog Law

This area is currently a hot topic given an individual’s rights to have an emotional support or a service animal. We have personal experience in this area of law and are happy to advise you on your rights.

Four things you should know about working with us

We avoid legalese

It just gets in the way.

Open communications, always

We won’t leave you in the dark.

No cookie cutter approaches

While we will leverage our deep legal background, we know every matter is unique.

We’re efficient

We won’t waste your precious time on unnecessary paperwork or litigious procedures.

Contact us today

Reach out to us to see how we can help you with your question or legal issue. We look forward to speaking with you.